The Evolving Perceptions of Psychedelics

Our first special report of 2024 delivers a deep-dive analysis of the public’s perception of psychedelics—and how it has evolved over the last 50 years among the general population and healthcare community. Inside you’ll find:

  • Comprehensive insights into perceptions of psychedelics and their use in mental and behavioral health

  • A compilation of data spanning surveys, historical literature and recent studies investigating attitudes toward psychedelics

  • Use trends and nuanced perspectives across the U.S., U.K., European Union and Australia

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A Market Analysis of Psychedelic Clinics and Retreats

This report will help you understand the major developments, opportunities and risks in the marketplace, including:

  • A deep dive into the competitive landscape

  • On-label vs off-label ketamine use

  • Impact of out-of-pocket costs and other accessibility issues

  • How to bring lessons from psychedelic retreats to the medical model

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The Opportunities and Challenges
in Oregon, Colorado and
Future Non-Medical Marketplaces

Everything you need to know to understand the emerging marketplaces including: legislation, logistics and licenses.

  • Key information for those considering new ventures

  • Start-up costs and considerations

  • Comparisons between psychedelic and cannabis legalization

  • Deep dive into the differences between the landscape of psychedelic business in Oregon and Colorado
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Psychedelics 101:
An Industry Primer

Everything you need to know to understand the business of psychedelics from history to patents, to where we are today.

  • Key information for those considering entering the psychedelics industry
  • 11 trends that will shape the marketplace in 2023
  • Origins to innovation to tensions; where the business of psychedelics is today
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