Psychedelics 101: An Industry Primer

Everything you need to know to understand the business of psychedelics from history to patents, to where we are today.

– Key information for those entering the psychedelics industry

– 11 trends that will shape the marketplace in 2023

– Origins to innovation to tensions; where the business of psychedelics is today

– The business of Psychedelics – insights on stocks, the value chain, and new products path to market

– Public perception and policy reform

– Psychedelic use in the U.S.

– Trends, tensions and more


“We’re dedicating our first annual report to all the newcomers who are inspired by promise of psychedelics”

Sara Vaughn reMind - VP Brand Leader

Before launching our brand, we consulted with dozens of industry executives, insiders and thought leaders to identify the most salient trends that will shape the future of psychedelics, as well as to understand the historical context that led to this moment and the rapid emergence of this industry.

We teamed up with Josh Hardman, editor of Psychedelic Alpha, to produce this report. As one of the most discerning journalists covering the industry, Josh is uniquely positioned to distill these insights into an essential industry primer.

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