Kelsey Ramsden

Kelsey Ramsden was named Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur two years running and is recognized globally for building multiple, multimillion-dollar businesses both offline and online.  She has founded and run diverse businesses ranging from construction to psychedelics, and is the former president and CEO of MindCure Health.

Amanda Reiman

Amanda Reiman, PhD, is the VP, Public Policy Research for New Frontier Data, the Founder of Personal Plants, and Co-Founder of SACRΞD GARDΞN.

David Heldreth

David Heldreth is a leading scientist, inventor and educator in the cannabis and psychedelic communities. He is the founder and CEO of Panacea Plant Sciences, a biotechnology company developing a portfolio of cultivation, extraction, processing, formulation and medical treatment intellectual property and patents around the cannabis plant, psychedelic life forms, and other medicinal crops.