Marijuana Moment Mar 31, 2023

Connecticut Lawmakers Approve Bill To Decriminalize Psilocybin In Joint Committee Vote

The measure would make possession of up to half an ounce of psychedelic mushrooms a civil infraction, punishable by a $150 fine.

Marijuana Moment Mar 30, 2023

Washington House Panel Amends Psilocybin Research Bill To Add Patient Access Provisions Back In

A House committee has inserted some therapeutic access provisions back into the legislation after the Senate had stripped it down to focus on research only.

Lucid News Mar 29, 2023

Psilocybin Therapies Attract Support in Illinois Legislature

A coalition behind Illinois’ proposed CURE Act is proposing the statewide legalization of psilocybin and psilocybin therapy sparked by collaboration between a state lawmaker and a local Psychedelic Society.

Green Market Report Mar 29, 2023

Massachusetts Republican Wants to Cap Potential MDMA Therapy Costs

Costs of the therapy are estimated at up to $15,000.

Lucid News Mar 26, 2023

It’s Survival of the Fittest among Psychedelic Start-Ups

The unusual level of uncertainty in financial systems will continue to present challenges for companies in the psychedelic sector.

Oregon Health Authority Mar 24, 2023

Oregon Issues the State’s First Psilocybin License

The manufacturer license was issued to Satori Farms.

Benzinga Mar 21, 2023

New Psychedelic Medicine PAC Will Lobby For Advancing Research In Congress

With the goal of raising $10 million in its first year, the new group is petitioning donors, including investors in the for-profit biotech space.

Lucid News Mar 21, 2023

Opinion: Are Psychedelics a New Paradigm or Business as Usual?

Very few of the current psychedelic pharmaceutical startups will survive, but most will perish.

Marijuana Moment Mar 20, 2023

Minnesota Lawmakers Take Up Bill To Create Psychedelics Task Force To Plan For Legalization

Under the bill, a Psychedelic Medicine Task Force would be established in order to “advise the legislature on the legal, medical, and policy issues associated with the legalization of psychedelic medicine in the state.”

Microdose Mar 20, 2023

Canadians Launch Petition to Legalize Psilocybin Therapy

The country is pushing forward on legalization. Could it work?

Double Blind Mar 19, 2023

Vermont Could Legalize Psychedelics and Decriminalize All Drugs

State lawmakers filed four major drug reform initiatives this month, but the progressive policies still face political obstacles.

Psychedelic Alpha Mar 16, 2023

Reunion Sues Mindset, Claims it Copied RE104

A lawsuit filed on behalf of psychedelic drug developer Reunion Neuroscience alleges that Mindset Pharma “knowingly copied” Reunion’s drug candidate.

Double Blind Mar 15, 2023

Ketamine Therapy and Virtual Reality Together? Welcome to the Future

A Texas-based ketamine center says this combo “takes [people] out of their own day-to-day mindset”

Psychedelic Spotlight Mar 14, 2023

Texas Shows Commitment to Psychedelic Policy Reform

State lawmakers have filed three new bills.

Microdose Mar 13, 2023

Ketamine Wellness Centers Closes Its Operations

One of the largest ketamine therapy providers in the United States has closed its operations.

The Dales Report Mar 12, 2023

Mexico Discusses Decriminalization Of Psychedelics For Medical Treatment

The telehealth debate has highlighted the obstacles people face in accessing this medicine.

Lucid News Mar 11, 2023

Ketamine Telehealth Raises Difficult Questions

The telehealth debate has highlighted the obstacles people face in accessing this medicine.

Lucid News Mar 9, 2023

Group Therapy Holds Promise for Psychedelic-Based Treatments

“Healing happens in community.”

Marijuana Moment Mar 8, 2023

Washington Senate Approves Scaled-Down Psilocybin Bill To Prepare State For Future Psychedelic Services

The bill would create a task force promoting research into psilocybin and developing a pathway for legal access to the psychedelic

Marijuana Moment Mar 8, 2023

Cory Booker And Rand Paul File Revised Bill To Reschedule Psychedelic Breakthrough Therapies

The legislation proposes to amend the federal Controlled Substances Act