Why Publish with CAPS Journal?

Peer-review is the gold standard to get your efforts validated and noticed. You have so many choices today on where to publish your work. All of us at the CAPS Journal hope you will allow us to help you get your work peer-reviewed and published, even if you have never published in the past.

The reasons for submitting to CAPS Journal include:

1. CAPS Journal is dedicated to the promotion of science in the cannabis and psychedelic space. Cannabis and psychedelic research are not sporadic content or a side show in our Journal. The CAPS Journal is solely focused on the publishing and promotion of cannabis and psychedelic research.

2. CAPS Journal has multiple forms of distribution to get your work noticed. In addition to the normal distribution of your work on traditional scientific platforms (Google Scholar, Research Gate, PubMed, etc.) the CAPS Journal has distribution partnerships with leading organizations in the cannabis (MJBiz) and psychedelic (reMind Media) space to aid in highlighting/distributing your work. In addition, we have a growing native distribution network through collaborations with scientists, investors, businesses, media organizations, scientific organizations, and professional groups to get your work noticed.

3. CAPS Journal is interested in publishing a broad range of peer-reviewed research in the cannabis and psychedelic space. Areas of interest for CAPSJ include agronomy, analytical testing, basic science, botanical drug development, clinical research, pharmacology, product manufacture, and psychedelic-assisted therapy. We are focused on helping individuals working in these spaces to get their work peer-reviewed and published so that they can make important advances the field and get their work recognized by their peers.

4. CAPS Journal is Open-Access which means your findings will be fully accessible for readers to read and share with their peers.

5. CAPS Journal is focused on reducing the cost of publication. Our costs for authors are reduced in multiple ways. Our costs for publication are 50-80% below the costs of most open-access journals. Authors pay a modest review fee of $200 to have your manuscript reviewed and receive constructive feedback. Those manuscripts which make it through the editorial review process to ultimately be accepted for publication pay an additional $800 for publication. Authors may request waivers or discounts in some cases to facilitate publication of manuscripts that are accepted for publication.

6. CAPS Journal wants to demystify the process of scientific research and to make peer-reviewed research the norm in the cannabis and psychedelic space. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding whether or not the process of peer-review and scientific publication is right for your organization. Email us at support@CAPSJ.com.