Top Mushroom Cultivators Honored at Psychedelic Cup in Denver

More than 180 mushroom cultivators entered the Psychedelic Cup in Colorado on Thursday, and six were awarded top honors at Mile High Station in Denver. 

reMind sponsored the Psychedelic Club of Denver’s first annual event mushroom-cultivation competition as part of its mission to do advance the business of psychedelics ethically and responsibly.

“It was an exciting evening bringing together fellow psychonauts and celebrating mycologists,” said Sara Vaughn, VP Brand Leader of reMind. “We’re thrilled to help support this great competition, as well as the community of mycologists throughout Colorado who are helping pushing new frontiers in mushroom cultivation,”

The focus of this year’s competition was on learning more about the potency and alkaloid content of psilocybin mushrooms in our community.​

Growers submitted more than 500 mushroom samples for lab analysis at Altitude Consulting,  and the judges awarded prizes in the following six categories: Highest Psilocybin Content, Lowest Detectable Psilocybin Content, Most Average Psilocybin Content, Highest Psilocin Content, ​Highest Overall Alkaloid Content (Non-psilocin/psilocybin only), Highest Overall Potency (All Compounds).

“Competitions like this allow us to start gathering real analytical data on hundreds of different mushrooms and cultivation practices. We’re not just measuring psilocybin and psilocin levels, but also the impact of different techniques, growing conditions, and nutrients,” said Colton Brook, laboratory manager at Altitude Consulting.