Survey Reveals Contrasting Outlooks of Psychedelics Investors

Survey Reveals Contrasting Outlooks of Psychedelics Investors

Psychedelic Alpha
Psychedelic Alpha

By reMind Staff —

The more you invested in psychedelics in the last year, the more likely you intend to increase those investments in the year ahead.

That’s one of takeaways from Psychedelic Alpha’s inaugural Psychedelic Investor Pulse Survey, which polled 183 institutional, accredited and retail investors about their current attitudes toward the industry.

When asked whether they intended to allocate less, similar, or more to psychedelic

investments in the next 12 months, an identical number of respondents answered “less” and “more.” However, a closer look revealed a correlation to their investment size in the last year: The majority of those who had invested more than $500,000 were in the “more” camp, while those who invested between $10,000-$250,000 were decidedly “less.”

“Promisingly, there is clear staying power among the larger allocation sizes,” the report said.

As far as overall challenges to the industry, regulatory/legislative barriers and the cost and use of capital are the top two concerns investors have.

“While the former is generally out of the direct control of psychedelics companies, the latter is something that might be partially managed through the sensible use of funds,” the report said. “Investors are very concerned about the short cash runways many publicly-traded companies have remaining, especially given the relatively difficult fundraising environment at present.”

Investors were also asked whether they’d ever used psychedelics personally. The results did not shock the analysts at Psychedelic Alpha.

“We weren’t surprised that the more institutional investors reported less psychedelic usage,” the report said. As for the individual retail and/or accredited investors, “we see much higher levels of personal experience with psychedelics.”

Check out the complete survey results.


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