Panel of Experts Envisions a ‘New Kind of Future’ for Psychedelic For-Profit Businesses

The 2023 reMind Psychedelics Business Forum was held Nov. 28-29, 2023, at the Westgate Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. More than 30 expert speakers presented the latest insights and information in the field of psychedelics with the goal of advancing this emerging industry responsibly and ethically. The videos of the sessions are now available online.


Can psychedelic businesses be ethical, sustainable and profitable? Three industry experts explored how to build a successful, thriving for-profit organizations that also give back, pay forward, and support communities that need it at the reMind Psychedelics Business Forum.

The session, titled “The For-Profit Psychedelic Business Model: How to Be Ethical, Sustainable and Profitable,” featured Sean McAllister, attorney at McAllister Law Office; Scarlet Masius, head of community at Tactogen; and Ariel Clark, principal of Clark Howell LLP.

The discussion ranged from strategies on business models, to advice on forming partnerships and how to maintain positive community relations.

“We have this opportunity to envision a new space, or a new opportunity for an old space. If we think we’re have to replicate the trauma of the last 500 years in the dominant culture, and we think that everything is corrupt and broken, we might just manifest that vision,” Sean McAllister said. “So I would challenge each of us to envision a different kind of future that aligns with spirit, that aligns with the values that you bring to this movement.”

Scarlet Masius challenged the notion that ethical business models struggle to succeed.

“I think there’s this perspective that the models that might be experimental in nature are not necessarily ones that have enough clear examples of success,” Masius said. “But we’re starting to see the dial shift, especially toward psychedelic medicines. And ‘psychedelicizing’ medicine means looking at the models that exist, seeing where they’re broken and seeing what’s possible for a better approach that can benefit more people.”

Watch the full session here

More about our speakers:

Sean T. McAllister is an attorney specializing in the therapeutic, regulatory, business, and religious freedom aspects of psychedelic medicines and therapies. His work in psychedelics has included: Advising doctors, therapists and licensed professional on psychedelic assisted therapy; Licensure defense of doctors and therapists grieved for psychedelic therapy; Advising clients looking to use psychedelics for religious purposes; Seeking DEA licensure for companies to manufacture Schedule I drugs lawfully in the United States; Steering committee member on and drafter of Colorado’s Proposition 122 Natural Medicine Health Act; Executive Officer of the Denver Psilocybin Mushroom Policy Review Panel; General Counsel for the Zendo Project Inc.; Legal advisor to Naropa University’s Psychedelic Therapy Program; Legal advisor to MAPS; Board of Directors for the Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines; and Board of Directors of the Board of Psychedelic Medicine and Therapies.

Scarlet Masius is Head of Community at Tactogen, a public benefit corporation that is developing a next-generation of MDMA-like medicines. Prior to joining they ran a creative consultancy, working with MAPS, Esalen, Omidyar Network and other orgs to build creative and participatory communities. They are trained as a psychedelic peer support specialist, and care deeply about having meaningful education, training and harm reduction present in the evolving psychedelic ecosystem.

Ariel Clark is co-founder of Clark Howell LLP, a women-steered business, corporate and regulatory law firm focused on cannabis and psychedelics. She also co-founded the Psychedelic Bar Association, serves on the Board, and on the Religious Use and Ethics Committees. She is co-creating a 2023 series on Law & Ethics: The Psychedelics Industry & Indigenous Peoples. Ariel is Odawa Anishinaabe and walks the Red Road. After practicing Indian Law and working with cannabis clients in California’s Bay Area, she started her own firm in 2010, to be of service to the plants and communities she is in deep connection with. Clark Howell LLP is actively engaged in the conversation about psychedelic lawyering, and helping to shape policy that emphasizes open source, ethical business models that honor the Earth, Peoples, and lineages, and reimagines a new role for capitalism in commercialization. Ariel has a Bachelor’s of Arts from University of Michigan in Religious Studies (2000) and a JD from Berkeley Law School (2005).