Medicine Woman: ‘Psychedelics Are Not a Commodity, They’re Alive, They’re a Gift’

The 2023 reMind Psychedelics Business Forum was held Nov. 28-29, 2023, at the Westgate Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. More than 30 expert speakers presented the latest insights and information in the field of psychedelics with the goal of advancing this emerging industry responsibly and ethically. The videos of the sessions are now available online.


Veronica Lightning Horse Perez, a medicine woman and policy reformer, gave a stirring final keynote about the healing power of plant medicines at reMind Psychedelic Business Forum.

In her talk titled, “Putting the Pieces Together,” Perez shared her experience building a successful business through clear vision, hard work, and a healing mindset — and why those who practice awareness and reciprocity with plant medicines, who are invested in a bigger vision, will not only be more successful in their work, but also as individuals in their communities and in the world.

“There’s are a lot of indigenous voices out there saying, ‘Hey, you all need to be careful. Respect. This is powerful medicine.’ See, to me, money is energy. It’s a byproduct of alignment. We find our alignment in it because the more money you make, the more good you can do with it,” she said. “My hope, my prayer is that everyone here comes from a place of heart. This is something that can heal. It can heal me, my wallet, my finances. It can heal my friends, it can heal my loved ones. It can heal a lot of people. It is not just a commodity. They’re alive and they’re a gift. A gift that I have seen personally work miracles.”

Watch the full session here

More about our speakers:

Veronica Lightning Horse Perez is a wife, mother of five, business owner, clergy member, author, speaker, Co-chief proponent for the NMHA, Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP, teacher, healer, ceremonialist and most importantly an activist for psychedelic, indigenous, veteran and water Rights. Having experienced years of suffering, she finally overcame a diagnosis of complex PTSD, a little over a decade ago. Since then she has made it her mission to help alleviate suffering in anyway, that she can and to remind others of how powerful they really are. She teaches to come from a place of strength instead of learned helplessness. She believes that only together can we heal the World and that all healing starts within the Self. When we heal the self, we heal the family, when we heal the family we heal the community, when we heal the community, we heal the world.