End-of-Life Psilocybin Retreat Opens in Jamaica, Plus New Training Program for Death Doulas

End-of-Life Psilocybin Retreat Opens in Jamaica, Plus New Training Program for Death Doulas

Treasure Beach, Jamaica
Treasure Beach, Jamaica. [Photo courtesy of DPS]
By reMind Staff —

The Diaspora Psychedelic Society has launched two new programs in Jamaica aimed at easing the anxiety and depression associated with life-threatening illnesses and the dying process: Sacred Transitions End-of-Life Retreats and Psychedelic End-of-Life Doula Training.

The Sacred Transitions End-of-Life Retreat offers psilocybin explorations with facilitated discussions on the topics of death and dying for individuals and their families. And for aspiring death doulas, the Psychedelic End-of-Life Doula Training couples online end-of-life doula certification with an experiential component and psilocybin training in Jamaica where psilocybin is legal. For those already certified as an end-of-life doula, there is the option to register for only the psilocybin experiential sessions and training in Jamaica.

According to the Diaspora Psychedelic Society, North America has seen a steep rise in the number of trained end-of-life doulas, non-medical caregivers whose mission is to bring dignity, emotional ease, and a deep sense of fulfillment to dying well.

The organization’s founder, Omar Thomas, became a certified end-of-life doula after his own near-death experiences.

“My own experience showed me the power of psilocybin as a sacred plant medicine to heal and help me find a truly meaningful path through life. Coming to terms with death has been an important part of the process,” Thomas said. “With the growing accessibility to psilocybin, the timing is right to combine it with the compassionate work of doulas to bring meaning and peace to one’s end-of-life journey.”


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