Aaron Rodgers: Ayahuasca Helped Fuel Back-to-Back MVP Seasons

Aaron Rodgers: Ayahuasca Helped Fuel Back-to-Back MVP Seasons

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers [Wikimedia Commons]
By reMind Staff —

Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers credits the “two best seasons” of his NFL career to an ayahuasca experience he had in South America.

Appearing on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast Wednesday, the legendary quarterback revealed that his consumption of the psychedelic — a plant-based concoction containing DMT — helped him shift his mindset and greatly improve his mental health.

“I laid there afterward on my mat and then opened my eyes and it felt like I was opening my eyes for the first time,” Rodgers said. “I really feel like that experience paved the way for me to have the best season of my career.”

The 38-year-old former Super Bowl champ is the latest high-profile athlete to credit psychedelics for enhanced performance, joining the likes of Mike Tyson, Lamar Odom, Kelly Slater, Anna Symonds, and Daniel Carcillo.

Rodgers said ayahuasca helped him “unconditionally love” himself.

“That’s what ayahuasca did for me, was help me see how to unconditionally love myself. And what better way to work on my mental health than to have an experience like that?” he said. “The greatest gift I can give my teammates, in my opinion, is to be able to show up and to be someone who can model unconditional love to them.”

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