INTERVIEWS May 13, 2024

Psychedelic Toad Venom Has Potential to Treat Depression

To investigate the potential of the 5-HT1A receptor in mood disorders, researchers modified a compound found in the venom of the Sonoran Desert toad.

High Times May 10, 2024

Vermont House Reps Pass Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Working Group Bill

The working group’s role would be to “review the latest research and evidence of the public health benefits and risks of clinical psychedelic assisted treatments” and “examine the laws and programs of other states that have authorized the use of psychedelics by health care providers in a therapeutic setting.”

L.A. Times May 8, 2024

Bill Could End Holdup for California Research on Psychedelics and Addiction Treatment

The holdup revolves around the Research Advisory Panel of California, established decades ago to vet studies involving cannabis, hallucinogens and treatments for “abuse of controlled substances.”

Boston Herald May 6, 2024

Coalition Forming to Oppose Psychedelics Ballot Question, Argues Home-Grow Is Unsafe

Chris Keohan, a spokesperson for the campaign, dubbed the Coalition for Safe Communities, said the ballot question backed by Massachusetts for Mental Health Options allows for a 12-by-12-foot home grow area for psychedelics.

Double Blind May 4, 2024

Petition Urges FDA to Review Risks of Lykos Therapeutics’ Bid for Legal MDMA

Scholars and concerned citizens file a public petition to the FDA to consider the unintended consequences of approving MDMA for PTSD therapy.

Marijuana Moment May 3, 2024

Colorado Bill that Would Have Muzzled Social Media Speech on Psychedelics Is Dead

Advocates say their pushback to the proposal “caught the attention of the legislature” and convinced lawmakers to reverse course.

KDVR May 1, 2024

Psychedelics Advocates to March Against Colorado Social Media Bill

A Denver psychedelic group plans to march to the Colorado Capitol on Wednesday to protest a proposed bill they say denies access to education about certain medicines.

L.A. Times Apr 30, 2024

The Longest, Strangest Trip: Some Psychedelic Drug Users Are Stuck With Unwelcome Highs

A rare condition called hallucinogen persisting perception disorder has puzzled researchers and raised alarms as psychedelics go mainstream.

Forbes Apr 29, 2024

Lawmakers Urge VA to Prepare Strategy for MDMA Therapy as FDA Weighs Approval

The move by the group of nine lawmakers represents the second significant effort by Veterans Affairs this year to look at psychedelic therapies to help veterans with PTSD.

Marijuana Moment Apr 24, 2024

Second Calif. Senate Committee Approves Bill to Legalize Psychedelic Service Centers

The “Regulated Therapeutic Access to Psychedelics Act” has been drafted in a way that’s meant to be responsive to concerns voiced by Gov. Gavin Newsom last year when he vetoed a broader proposal that included provisions to legalize low-level possession of substances such as psilocybin.

The Dales Report Apr 23, 2024

DEA Approves Ayahuasca Import for Religious Use

The Church of the Eagle and Condor recently reached an agreement with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), allowing the religious organization to import ayahuasca, a substance traditionally recognized for its psychoactive properties and classified as a Schedule I narcotic in the United States.

High Times Apr 22, 2024

Colo. Senate Approves Legislation Banning Social Media Praise of Drugs

This bill regarding social media and drugs, including legal psychedelics, infringes on both the First and Fourth Amendment.

New York Times Apr 19, 2024

The Unlikely Force Behind a Push to Legalize ‘Shrooms’ in New York

A lobbying effort led in part by religious groups has state lawmakers considering two different measures that would legalize psilocybin mushrooms.

Marijuana Moment Apr 16, 2024

Calif. Senators Approve Bill to Legalize Psychedelics Service Centers

The “Regulated Therapeutic Access to Psychedelics Act” has been drafted in a way that’s meant to be responsive to concerns voiced by Gov. Gavin Newsom last year when he vetoed a broader proposal that included provisions to legalize low-level possession of substances such as psilocybin.

Science Alert Apr 15, 2024

Psychedelics Could Pose Risks For People With Personality Disorders, Study Finds

Researchers found that only 16% of all participants reported an overall negative response. But a significant portion of these negative experiences (31%) were reported by people with a history of personality disorders.

Marijuana Moment Apr 15, 2024

Congress to Vote on GOP-Led Psychedelics Bill for Veterans Despite VA Opposition

VA came out against the psychedelics bill that is getting a vote, arguing that it’s “unnecessary.”

High Times Apr 11, 2024

Amended Maine Bill to Establish Psychedelic Research Committee Heads to Gov.

It’s a disappointing turn of events for those pushing for urgent access to psychedelic medicines and treatments, though Maine lawmakers in favor of psychedelic reform still recognized that the bill “represents progress.”

Psychedelic Alpha Apr 9, 2024

MindMed’s ‘Total Elimination’ of Psychotherapy in LSD Study Stokes Debate Around Its Role in Psychedelic Therapies

Psychedelic Alpha‘s Josh Hardman speaks with people close to the study itself as well as MindMed representatives including CEO Robert Barrow to look at the (unpublished) protocol employed in the Phase 2b study.

Marijuana Moment Apr 5, 2024

Missouri House Approves Bill with $10 Million to Research Psilocybin for Opioid Addiction

Money for the program would come from state opioid settlement funds, the result of multiple lawsuits filed against the opioid industry and peripheral businesses.

PsyPost Apr 4, 2024

Ayahuasca Retreats Appear to Lead to a Lasting Boost in Aesthetic Appreciation

Individuals who consumed the psychedelic experienced a significant increase in their appreciation for aesthetic experiences, not just momentarily but extending up to a month post-consumption, according to new research.