Marijuana Moment Feb 22, 2023

Minnesota Lawmakers File Bills To Create Psychedelics Task Force To Plan For Legalization

Legislators are hoping to join the ranks of states that are advancing psychedelics reform this session

Psychedelic Spotlight Feb 21, 2023

Can a Genetic Test Predict Your Response to Different Psychedelics?

A new DNA testing kit might revolutionize the way psychedelics are prescribed

Double Blind Feb 17, 2023

Colorado Psychedelic Advocates are Confused About Who Was Chosen to Roll Out the State’s Psilocybin Program

Among dozens of well-known psychedelic applicants, many folks who are unknown to the community were chosen

Lucid News Feb 14, 2023

Colorado’s Decriminalization of Ibogaine Comes With Unique Risks

“Iboga is not for the faint of heart, literally”

Marijuana Moment Feb 12, 2023

Psychedelics Reform Developments In Even More States, From Utah To New Hampshire

2023 sessions have proved exceptionally active for policy reform.

Benzinga Feb 8, 2023

State-Level Psychedelics Bills: Hawaii, Virginia, New York and More

The psychedelics reform movement is spanning wide across the US, offering a real spectacle at the states’ 2023 legislative sessions.

The Dales Report Feb 7, 2023

Australian Health Authority To Allow Psilocybin And MDMA Assisted Therapy For Depression, PTSD

Prescribing will be limited to psychiatrists

Psychedelic Alpha Feb 3, 2023

The Agenda for Economic Analyses of Psychedelic-assisted Therapy

“Research has lagged on the economic considerations” of psychedelic therapies.

Double Blind Feb 1, 2023

Psychedelic Legend Amanda Feilding is Turning 80—And Her Retreats are Open for Business

After 57 Years, psilocybin retreats are finally a reality for the most influential woman in psychedelic science.