Access to Psychedelics Is National Security Issue, Says Colo. Prop 122 Campaign Leader

Kevin Matthews

Kevin Matthews was a key figure in both the 2018 campaign to decriminalize psilocybin in Denver and the 2022 campaign to pass Prop 122, which legalized psychedelics in regulated and personal use settings. Today he is CEO of the Helix Consulting Group, a public affairs and education services firm for the psychedelic ecosystem. Matthews recently […]

Treating Those ‘Who Truly Have No Other Place to Go’

Deidra Somerville

A Q&A with Alchemy’s Deidra Somerville Deidra Somerville is the executive director of the Alchemy Community Therapy Center, a nonprofit psychedelic-therapy clinic that treats underserved populations in Oakland, California. HealingMaps named it one of the best ketamine clinics in the region for striving to create “a world where everyone can access the freeing mental health […]

Why Psychedelics Will Attract More ‘Mission-Minded’ Businesses Than Cannabis Does

Sheva Pekar

A Q&A with Sheva Pekar A long-time advocate of policy reform in both cannabis and psychedelics, Sheva Pekar was one of the driving forces behind Denver’s decriminalization of psilocybin in 2019. Today, her consultancy firm PsyCann Advisors works with businesses around the country to navigate the varying legal landscapes of these emerging markets. Pekar recently […]

Shifting Local Laws Make Psilocybin Businesses ‘A Lot of Work’ to Establish in Oregon

Angela Allbee

A Q&A with Oregon’s Angela Allbee Angela Allbee is manager of the Oregon Psilocybin Services Section, which is part of the Public Health Division of the Oregon Health Authority, and oversees the implementation of Measure 109. In January, her team began accepting license applications from aspiring psilocybin facilitators, manufacturers, service centers and testing labs. A […]

Will Colorado Look to Rein In Prop 122’s Personal Use Clause?

Sean McAllister

A Q&A with Psychedelics Attorney Sean Allister   A legal pioneer and in both cannabis and psychedelics, Sean McAllister was one of the key thought leaders behind Colorado’s Natural Medicine Health Act, aka Prop 122. His firm, McAllister Law Office, serves a wide range of clients interested in psychedelics, from religious spiritual practitioners to psychedelic […]

‘We’ll Refine It Until We Get It Right,’ Says Co-Chief of Prop 122 Campaign

Veronica Lightning Horse Perez

For two years, Veronica Lightning Horse Perez led the community-outreach efforts for the Natural Medicine Health Act in Colorado, also known as Prop 122. She traveled the state, talking to residents about plant medicines, engaging with local reporters and politicians, and gathering signatures for the ballot initiative. In November, voters passed the measure by 53.6%, […]