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We bring you the latest updates with unbiased and factual coverage on psychedelics—including legislation, research, investments, business news, and pharmaceutical trials.

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We host conferences and trade shows, webinars and a speaker series for entrepreneurs and individuals looking to drive innovation, legislation, conversation and commerce in psychedelics.

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reMind publishes special reports on innovation, social impact, trends, legislative actions, research and more. We are committed to moving the market and advancing the business of break-through medicine ethically.

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The Psychedelics Business Forum
recorded sessions

Want to rewatch your favorite sessions from the Psychedelics Business Forum?

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Looking to break into the fastest growing industry driving innovation in healthcare, mental health, and performance?

The Psychedelics Business Forum

JOIN US November 15th LAS VEGAS - Westgate Resort & Casino

NOVEMBER 15th - Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

At this exclusive one-day Psychedelics Business Forum, you will hear from experts in Psychedelics covering a variety of topics including:

– The current state of Psychedelics
– Investment trends
– The latest research and how it relates to your business
– Commercialization timelines
– Indigenous inclusion and how to be an advocate
– Lessons learned from existing Psychedelics companies
– Conservation and much more

At this exclusive one-day event you will hear from experts covering a variety of topics including:

– The current state of Psychedelics

– Investment trends

– Commercialization timelines

– Indigenous inclusion

– Conservation and much more

***Passes starting at $349

Join us for our debut event alongside MJBizCon®, one of the largest cannabis industry conferences in the world, which attracts a large crossover audience of professionals interested in the latest developments in the psychedelics industry.

We bring together
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The Psychedelics Business Forum featured over two dozen expert leaders meeting to discuss, share and shape the future of the psychedelics industry

Ethan Nadelmann

Psychoactive podcast

Simeon Schnapper

Managing Partner
JLS Fund

Liana Gillooly

Strategic Initiatives Officer - MAPS

Sutton King

Program Manager
Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund

Everything you need to know to understand the business of psychedelics from history to patents, to where we are today.

– Key information for those entering the psychedelics industry

– 11 trends that will shape the marketplace in 2023

– Origins to innovation to tensions; where the business of psychedelics is today

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